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Immigrant Center

A Safe Place for Help

The Immigrant Center is DICP's newest program. The Immigrant Center recognizes the integral and invaluable contributions of our  immigrant friends and neighbors and works to support them as they navigate housing and legal issues.

Are you or a loved one a non-citizen? Could you and your family use a helping hand?


Come see us for:

  • Rental assistance (There is currently a waitlist) 

  • Free landlord/tenant advice

  • Free basic immigration legal services

  • Help with driver’s license, Colorado ID, ITIN, DACA, green card, naturalization

  • Help with other resources

  • Advice about “Public Charge”

  • Notary

  • Xcel Bill assistance through Energy Outreach Colorado

Hours of Operation:



Contact Information:


Phone: 720.660.0690

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