Care Navigation Services

DICP’s Care Navigators are available Monday thru Friday 9am-3pm to work with individuals and families to meet basic needs by helping them secure employment, access affordable housing, transportation, public benefits, and health resources. Due to Covid, we are still offering all our services, but clients cannot come inside without an appointment. Walk-ups for Basic Necessities are welcome, but you will have to wait outside for services. 

DICP's Care Navigators work with individuals and families to meet basic needs in the following areas: 

  1. Secure employment

  2. Access affordable housing

  3. Obtain public benefits via navigation of complex application process, focus on Medicare and Medicaid

  4. Referrals for health resources

  5. Basic necessities: Hygiene, Diapers, Emergency Food Packs

  6. Mail Reception and Storage* 

*Must fill out a Waiver at DICP, then a Change of Address Form at the Post Office. We can only store mail for 30 Days before returning to Sender. 

You can call us at 303.629.0636 or fill out the form below. 

How We Work

DICP uses a Promotora model of community navigators who are leaders and advocates in their community. Our navigators are regular community members who are trained at DICP in specific care navigation areas to help clients navigate their specific care areas so clients participate in their own success and become their own advocates. 

For over 60 years the people of West Denver have relied on DICP to help them with their basic needs and navigate resources available to them. Although DICP has been located in West Denver, it has no geographical restrictions and welcomes people from all walks of life. The Care Navigations program is DICP's way of formalizing what we've been doing for so long. 

Our Accomplishments

In 2020, DICP's Care Navigation Program provided assistance to over 9,000 individuals and continues to grow each year. Participants contact us for assistance and resources. Just as DICP makes referrals, several other agencies refer clients to DICP.