DICP’s unique approach to direct delivery of multiple wrap-around services accomplishes what single-service agencies cannot: the provision of comprehensive, integrated support through one organization, and the delivery of effective assistance to those seeking to truly overcome poverty.  DICP offers programs and affiliated components in our key service areas.

Available Parish Programs

COVID-19 has created difficulty for all of us. DICP has decided to do some things a little differently while still serving the members of our community. 

We are still serving our community! Staff will be in the office Monday through Friday from 9 am to 3 pm, however you do need to give us a call at 303.629.0636 to schedule an appointment for the following available programs:

  • Special Seniors programming

  • Applying for unemployment

  • Energy assistance

  • Care navigation

  • Diaper distribution

  • Basic needs packs

  • Food boxes for pickup or delivery

  • Mail pickup, by appointment and via non-contact safe hand-off

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Hunger Relief and Nutrition

DICP serves over 414,500 meals and works with more than 15,000 people annually.

DICP’s food pantry operates on a client-choice model and partners with local agencies to enroll clients in federal food assistance programs. DICP is a founding member of the Colorado Food Pantry Network, an alliance of hunger relief organizations collaboratively addressing food insecurity in the State of Colorado. Pantry Hours: Wed & Fri 9-12 Sat 9-1

Parish Packs sends 1,150lbs of food to 185 elementary school children for them to take home each Friday with enough food for their family for the entire weekend.

Health and Wellness

Veggie Rx is a program designed to increase education and access around healthy foods for individuals who have been diagnosed with a disease related to obesity, such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke, high blood pressure, gout, some cancers, gall bladder disease and gall stones, osteoarthritis, breathing problems such as sleep apnea, and asthma.


This 10-person program follows an eight-week curriculum, meeting Thursday mornings, and includes taking field trips to local food providers and vendors to raise awareness and increase knowledge around nutritional options and how to add them for overall healthier living.

DICP concluded the pilot program with ten participants, all senior citizens, in the first eight-week course in April, 2019. The pilot program included a collaboration with the Sociology Department at the University of Colorado Denver, which culminated in the data-driven study and evaluation entitled “Food Security among Clients of the Denver Inner City Parish.” The second class is currently in progress.

Education and Youth Development

DICP’s educational programs provide a rigorous education curriculum, a supportive network of adult mentors, and pro-social activities.

The La Academia Coding Institute provides computer coding and computer science programming to underserved youth in the Denver metro area.  The LACI offers a hybrid curriculum built around Code work’s all-encompassing computer science curriculum and more specific coding curriculum and hands-on projects from The Raspberry Pi Foundation.  We work with partner schools to provide programming during elective or out-of-school time at no cost to the partner school. Coding and computer science skills are a growing necessity for employment, and the LACI prepares young people to pursue coding and computer science after high school.

The La Academia Professional Development Institute is a fellowship program for individuals working in the field of youth development, OST youth groups, and alternative education. The program is designed to reach multiple youth-serving organizations across the Denver Metro area and add programmatic and professional value to their respective programs. Youth Development professionals working in these organizations will engage in a learning experience over a course of 5 to 7 months. They will learn about child development, program development and implementation, leadership skills, professionalism, and cultural competency within programs. The goal is to create better Youth Development Professionals that deliver highly effective programming to at-risk youth and to move the needle on the Professionals career. Whether that be leadership positions in their organizations, or development of their own programs. Other programs of the institute will include program sharing events, professional development workshops, and professional meet-ups.

The La Academia Puentes program is a post-secondary bridge program, run through a volunteer committee, with the goal of increasing the percentage of graduates who have successful collegiate and post-secondary careers. Puentes offers one-on-one mentoring as well as test-preparation and content-area classes to prepare and guide students to an appropriate post-secondary education, including college, trade schools, and professional certification programs. All students are assigned a mentor who is with them through high school graduation and stays with them through their college careers.

Community Support

DICP’s Community Support programs and services are an interconnected array of services for people in crisis or transition.


DICP’s Care Navigators work with individuals and families to meet basic needs by helping them secure employment, access affordable housing, transportation, public benefits, and health resources. Care navigation and referrals average over 250 per week.

The Spiritual Development program invites people from all walks of life to celebrate faith and spirituality through monthly evening services and dinners. Special life events such as baptisms, weddings, and funerals are also included. Average attendance at services and dinners is 41. Check out our events page to learn about our upcoming services.

The Seniors Program meets each week Wednesday through Saturday for shared meals, field trips, activities, and fundraisers. Average attendance on weekdays is 18 and Saturdays is 45+.

The Annual Thanksgiving Dinner brings together more than 300 community members to sit down to a traditional Thanksgiving meal.


The Annual Holiday Gift Giveaway distributes more than 4,000 new gifts to 500 families each December.

The Denver Inner City Parish loves and supports individuals and families in our community, empowering them to break the cycle of poverty.

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