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Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Organization

Are you a Church?

No. DICP is a human services nonprofit. The word “parish” means community, rather than the meaning associated with the Catholic church. Though we have had religious programming during our long history, we currently only offer secular programming.  

When can I visit your building?

Our Walk-Up hours for emergency resources are Monday through Friday 9am-1pm. If you have an appointment or are participating in programming outside of those hours, be aware that the door will be locked. The Immigrant Center accepts participants with appointments Monday through Wednesday 10am-3pm. Our Food Pantry is outside the building on Saturdays from 9am-12pm. 

Do you offer services at other locations?

Yes we do! We currently offer five Mobile Food Pantry sites Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays around Denver, check out the schedule here. Visit the Greens-N-Grains page to learn about when to catch the Food Truck serving free, healthy snacks to kids. Learn about the mobile programming we offer to our 60+ participants at the Parish Seniors' page. We also have health educational programming called Veggie Rx that travels to different schools and organizations.

Are you a shelter for people experiencing homelessness?

No, we cannot offer shelter or bathing facilities of any kind. We can, however, help with some issues revolving around homelessness when our care navigators are in the building. We can also offer a place to store and pick up mail, hygiene, and small amounts of food to our neighbors experiencing homelessness.  

About Our Programs

Is the Food Pantry Open?

Our Food Pantry normally operates on Saturdays 9am-12pm at our building. We used to operate on Wednesdays and Fridays 9am-1pm, but had to cut down to Saturdays in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. We have had this schedule since 2020. Now that we are going mobile, we have five mobile sites, see the schedule here!

Can you deliver food or supplies to my residence? 

We can only deliver food and supplies to enrolled members of the Seniors Program. We recommend you check out Benefits in Action to see if they can deliver food to your area. 

Can you help me with my lighting bill?

Sometimes. We are a proud partner agency of Energy Outreach Colorado. When we have funds available, we are happy to take customers of Xcel, Atmos, and Colorado Natural Gas who need help paying their bill on a first come, first served basis. If you've already received help from an EOC agency since last October 1st, we cannot help until next October 1st. LEAP status doesn't affect our ability to help with EOC. Check our Programs page to confirm the status of our EOC funding. 

Can you help me with my water bill?

Unfortunately, no. We cannot help with any water bills at this time. 

Do you offer rental assistance?

Our only program that offers rental assistance is the Immigrant Center. Please check out their page and reach out to them if you think you meet their requirements.

Can you give me diapers and/or pull-ups?

Yes we can, Monday thru Friday 9am-1pm here at the building. We offer sizes Newborn thru 6 in diapers and 2T-3T thru 4T-5T, along with wipes, baby food, and formula. We require participants to fill out an In-take form, and we limit diaper pick-ups to once every thirty days, helping 3 children maximum. The other baby supplies do not have a time limit, visit us any time! Our supply is based on donations, so we cannot guarantee that we have the exact amount, size, or brand you’re looking for. 

Do you have a clothing bank? 

No. We have a small amount of clothing available for emergencies, like socks, hats, and t-shirts. We do not have the space for a clothing bank, so we can’t consistently guarantee a variety of clothing, or take garment donations.

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