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Veggie Rx and Greens-N-Grains Present

June 13th to August 5th

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About Veggie Rx

DICP's Veggie Rx program provides education about healthy foods for everyone in the family. Veggie Rx was originally designed for individuals diagnosed with health problems connected to obesity (things like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, and breathing problems), but now serves youth and families as well.


Participants follow an 8-session program, which involves hands on food preparation, knife skills, healthy activities, tips on how to buy the most nutritious food on a budget, and how to use local resources to find healthier food. Participants receive incentives throughout the course, including a grocery store gift card at the end of classes. Participants also have access to DICP's Food Pantry and Care Navigation resources.


Our 8 Session Plan

Every week, VeggieRx participants receive nutritional information and tips for healthy eating and grocery shopping.

Week 1: Balanced Meals and Community Resources

Week 2: Food Storage and Shopping on a Budget

Week 3: Varying Your Veggies and Salad Basics

Week 4: Healthy Serving Sizes

Week 5: Food Harvest, gardening and Roast Guide

Week 6: Building a healthy meal and grilling
Week 7: Reading nutrition labels and how to fry

Week 8: Shopping for healthy foods

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Veggie RX Meet-n-Greets

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