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About Us

The Denver Inner City Parish loves and supports individuals and families in our community, empowering them to break the cycle of poverty.


The word "parish" means community, and DICP is committed to community. We are a human services nonprofit. The Parish elevates community through its community programs.


Board of Directors & Staff

The Denver Inner City Parish is fortunate to have an amazing group of Denver leaders serving on our Board of Directors.


Board of Directors

Oscar Olivas --- Board Chair

Andrea Barela --- Director

Adrian Castro --- Director

Marion Kalb --- Director

Annie Nestor --- Director

Michael Bruno--- Director

Steve Stutzman --- Director 

Larry Martinez --- Executive Director


Larry Martinez – Executive Director

Mark Oleksik – Controller

Jason Torrez – Program Director

Reuben Gregory – Food Pantry Manager

Esther Winner - Food Pantry Assistant

Amanda Berry - Mobile Pantry Coordinator

Maria Mendoza - Food Pantry Assistant

Alex Romberg – Lead Care Navigator

Rita Jaramillo - Care Navigation Coordinator

Esmeralda Martinez – VeggieRx Coordinator

April Thompson – Veggie Rx Program Assistant

James Thompson - Veggie Rx Program Assistant

Brandon Abeyta – Greens-N-Grains Food Truck Coordinator

Sunshine Obadiah – Greens-N-Grains Food Truck Assistant

Erica Gonzalez - Kitchen Manager

Anne Kleinkopf – Immigrant Center Co-Director

Dave Kleinkopf – Immigrant Center Co-Director

Veronica Byrne – Parish Seniors Director

Tynisha Doakes – Parish Seniors Outreach & Box Deliveries

Raymundo Gonzalez - Parish Seniors Transportation

Many wonderful AARP & SER National Workers

Empowering People • Building Community • Saving Lives

Our History

Though Denver Inner City Parish (DICP) is a secular non-profit, it developed from the work of the East Harlem Protestant Parish, which launched the small but nation-wide Inner City Parish movement with other locations in Chicago, Cleveland, and New Jersey. The goals of the Inner City Parish movement were to foster social change and social action at the local level, serving those experiencing the effects of poverty through community-informed programming. DICP has kept the name Parish to emphasize work in a given geographical community, and though DICP originally served residents of West Denver, it now serves people from all over the Denver metro area and anyone who comes in the door. All DICP’s programs are secular, excluding a non-denominational community worship group.


DICP was established in 1960 in the wake of an exodus of middle-income families from the inner city to the suburbs. Many Denver churches followed their congregations, leaving gaps in community services, including food banks, after-school programs, and programs for senior citizens, that churches had once provided to low-income families in the neighborhood. Since that time, DICP has stayed true to its core mission of providing programs and services for lower-income families and has expanded its programs to include the entire Denver metro area. DICP’s principal goal is to empower the community to break the cycle of poverty.


DICP focuses on areas of critical need in the community, including health and nutrition, aging, hunger relief, education, community support, and immigrant support. DICP’s programming is broad, diverse, and flexible to best meet the changing needs of participants. DICP serves Denver’s at-risk communities through programs that relieve suffering, promote self-sufficiency, enrich lives, and address obstacles associated with poverty. Through collaborations, partnerships, and volunteers, DICP offers high-quality, consistent services to the community members who utilize its programs. DICP believes in building broad community capacity and working with a variety of community and government partners.

Our Mission

The Denver Inner City Parish loves and supports individuals and families in our community, empowering them to break the cycle of poverty.

Our Vision

DICP envisions that our community has the economic opportunities, tools, and resources to lead healthy and successful lives. 

Our Values

Community: DICP believes that a healthy community is one where people of varied economic statuses have equal opportunities. DICP creates complementary support with other public and charitable resources for holistic support. 


Relationships: DICP believes the value of healthy relationships is at the center of all we do, and it is the cornerstone to our success.


Knowledge and Education: DICP provides the tools our community needs to progress economically and live healthy, self-sustaining lives. 


Welcoming: DICP’s purpose is to be inclusive of all community members by providing for their basic needs, education, coaching, and an overall sense of well-being. 

We Are the Community We Serve

Denver Inner City Parish (DICP) is participant driven and has worked in the community since 1960. DICP believes that inclusion is our strength and incorporates the perspectives of our participants to inform our programs. We are a community of diverse ages, gender identities, races, sexual orientations, physical and mental abilities, ethnicities, and perspectives. We are a community committed to environmental sustainability and justice.

Many of our staff and board members are previous participants because it is vital for DICP’s work to reflect the experiences of those we serve. DICP believes diversity is essential to world-building and serving our community. DICP offers programming to individuals and families who are marginalized. There is power in the margin. Together, we build community through social justice, anti-racism, and cultural responsiveness. We help all. We welcome all.

The Story Behind Our Logo

The Denver Inner City Parish logo is an upright name glyph of Cuauhtémoc, the last Aztec Emperor. The name Cuauhtémoc is usually translated as Descending Eagle, as in the moment when an eagle folds its wings and plummets to strike its prey. It is a name that implies determination, perseverance, and resistance. Along with love and support, participant empowerment requires these attributes. 


Work with Us!

Check out our job openings and volunteering opportunities! 

Financial Statements

Here are our 501(c)(3) Financial Statements:

Check Out Our Annual Reports

Want to get a better picture of our impact? Peruse our Annual Reports to see a yearly snapshot of our amazing participants' stories and how we've helped our community by the numbers. Reports are published in late July. 

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