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Hunger Programs

Saturday Food Pantry

Pantry Hours: Saturday 9am-12pm

Pantry Location: 1212 Mariposa Street, Denver, CO 80204

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How it Works: 

Our Food Pantry operates on a client-choice model. When participants enter the space, they choose the items that work best for them from each section (dry and canned goods, produce, meat, dairy, and bakery). There are limits on items in each section based on the selection we have each week. To accommodate everyone as fairly as possible, we hand out random numbers shortly before opening at 9am, and call out the numbers when we are ready for the next participants. 

Historically, we have had people come inside to pick out food, sort of like a free bodega. Now that we are going mobile, we operate out of our mobile pantry truck , more like a free farmer's market. 

Because we are open one day a week, participants may come each week if they choose to. First-time participants will be asked to fill out an intake form. No ID is required. 

Our Mobile Pantry Sites Are Up and Running!

Where and When: November 2023

Hirschfeld Towers
Florence Crittenton High School
CMS Community School
Thomas Connole Apartments
Thomas Bean Towers

Alternative Pantries

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