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Celebrating 60 Years: Still serving the current needs of our community!

After 60 years, the Denver Inner City Parish (DICP) is still working each day to meet the current needs of the individuals and families in our community! The community knows that DICP provides a loving and supportive environment. Click here to DONATE NOW!

As always, DICP relies extensively on your financial support. If you are able, please continue to give generously, knowing that we will turn your financial contributions into direct services for those who rely on us. Thanks again!

Out of an abundance of caution and with regret, DICP has cancelled our 60th anniversary celebration. However, with your help, we will still mark this tremendous milestone. We will be celebrating our 60 years of service by virtually sharing stories from our community. Stay tuned for some special surprises along the way!

Every Donation Counts!

In these uncertain times, DICP needs your help! Join our 60th anniversary team and ensure the future of DICP’s programs by making a monetary donation to help meet the $30,000 goal. Click here to DONATE NOW!

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