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5 Ways You Can Help DICP for Colorado Gives Day!

Colorado Gives Day is one of the best days to ensure DICP is supported all year round. Every donation, big and small, goes toward our incentive fund. All participating Colorado Gives Day nonprofits earn a percentage of the fund, so the more we raise, the more we get!

We are proud at Denver Inner City Parish to have diversified services to help empower people to break the cycle of poverty. We are the people we serve, so we want to make sure we can empathize with our participants to help improve their situations and build community. We can't do it without the generous support of our donors and volunteers. With the economic challenges our community is facing, we count on that support now more than ever. There are a variety of options when making a tax-deductible donation to DICP. Whether you're a long time partner of the Parish, or you're getting acquainted with us for the first time, there are some unique features of Colorado Gives Day this year, so we want to get you up to speed with these five easy ways to help!

1. Visit to check out our stats

You can visit our Colorado Gives page to see how we impact the community, see some of our participants and their testimonials, and check on how close we are to our annual goal. It's easy to navigate from there to make your tax-deductible donation.

2. Give a one-time donation of any amount

When we say every little bit helps, we truly mean it. There is no contribution too small, UNLESS you want to be entered in our drawing to win a stay in our special house in beautiful Cayo, Belize. Donations of $10 or more are an automatic entry in our drawing to win a stay in the house (travel expenses not included).

3. Make your donation a recurring donation for this year

A recurring monthly donation is a win-win situation! Not only is it an easy, predictable way to contribute to our cause, but it also helps us plan and budget better. When we have a more predictable budget, our participants get more reliable service from us. Giving monthly is a great way to budget your own expenses as well!

4. Make a contribution directly to DICP and mention it's for CGD

Colorado Gives 365 has renovated the whole system, so if you've contributed to any nonprofits for CGD before, you'll notice some changes. One of their innovations enables us to count in-person donations toward the incentive fund mentioned above! You can call us to donate by credit card over the phone, or drop off cash or check donations with our front office staff on or before December 6th. DICP also has the ability to accept stock donations.

5. Tell your friends!

Share one of our social media posts, make your own post on your feed, share the link to this blog, give people a phone call, chat about it at your game night; whatever floats your boat to spread the love and give where you live! Word of mouth is our most effective way to spread awareness.

As always, we appreciate any and all support, we love that you're a part of our community!

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