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2024 Steve Johnsen Scholarship

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

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The Steve Johnsen Scholarship promotes the Denver Inner City Parish’s mission of loving and supporting individuals and families in our community and empowering them to break the cycle of poverty. Post- secondary certificates and degrees provide educational support that leads to better employment. The number and financial amount of the scholarship awards will vary by term. The scholarship money is for the equivalent of one academic term (for example: a single semester or a multi-month certificate program) and winners are eligible to reapply/keep the scholarship pending continued enrollment.

Eligibility Details The scholarship is available to former La Academia students, relatives of former La Academia students, and friends of DICP who are involved in other DICP programs. Applicants must be accepted and enrolled into a post-secondary educational program that offers a credential upon completion; this credential can be a certificate, a licensure, an associate’s degree, or a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Applicants must demonstrate financial need by completing the Free Application for Financial Student Aid (FAFSA) and providing a copy of FAFSA or the Student Aid Report (SAR) to DICP in the application. If you are not sure of eligibility, please contact Marc-Paul Johnsen at with any questions.

Scholarship Application Requirements - Due Tuesday, January 15th, 2024 by 5pm MST 1. A completed application form. 2. 500-word essay addressing the topics described below on the application. 3. Copy of your completed FAFSA or a copy of your SAR for the upcoming academic term. 4. Proof of admission and registration. The scholarship may be used for any of your educational costs. 5. *For previous recipients only: a copy of your final grades/transcripts covering the most recent term you received the scholarship. **If you need help applying for the scholarship, DICP can schedule a one-on-one meeting to assist you in completing the application and gathering the necessary documents. Contact Marc-Paul to arrange an appointment.

Selection Process Once Denver Inner City Parish receives your completed application, the scholarship committee will review all applications and winners will be contacted based on information provided on the scholarship application. The scholarship committee anticipates notifying winners the week of January 15th, 2024.

Expectations of Awarded Students Once a winner has been chosen and notified, the winner will: -Sign an acceptance letter that lists guidelines -Sign a photo/narrative waiver for DICP distribution -Create a plan for how funds will be distributed (direct to school, other) -Be assigned a mentor and set up a check-in schedule. Winners must meet with a mentor on a schedule established by both people, not less than 2 times per term. -Plan to attend a DICP event or board meeting once per academic year.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions 1.Is there a GPA requirement? No 2.I am in high school. Can I apply? Yes, you can apply in the last semester of your senior year of high school for funds to be used for post-secondary educational costs in a program you are starting after graduation. 3.Can I reapply for subsequent terms? Yes 4.When does the scholarship award money have to be used? It must be used for the term for which you are applying. If, for whatever reason, you are unable to use awarded money for that term, you forfeit the money for that term but are encouraged to apply again once you are ready to return to school. **Post-secondary is any education you pursue after graduating high school or earning your GED.


Download PDF • 62KB

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